The Achievement Center in Sarasota Florida
  The Achievement Center in Sarasota Florida

Single-Course Credit

For students who need to make up a course credit, The Achievement Center is the place to go. One-on-one instruction, a flexible schedule, and open-ended enrollment mean that students can learn at their own speed and work until they are satisfied that they have mastered course content. Working closely with local public and private schools, we offer a performance-based program that is guaranteed to meet the course and credit requirements of the student’s regular school.


The Achievement Center offers tutoring in most subjects. Tutorial students benefit from an individualized program that addresses each child’s specific needs. As a locally administered institution, we can ensure that tutorial instruction helps a student meet the goals of his regular classroom. In addition to content instruction, students learn study skills and techniques. Free study halls sessions in which to practice those skills before or after tutoring sessions can be arranged, as well.

For high-achieving students who need more challenge or support with a difficult course load, we also offer tutorial enrichment programs to stimulate and motivate the gifted child.

Test Preparation (FSA, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GED)

Our test-taking preparation operates on a one-to-one basis, with content determined by a student’s individual needs. College-board test preparation begins with an evaluation of verbal and math skills to discover which areas need the most attention. Our math tutoring gives special emphasis to geometry and algebra II skills, which both play a larger part in the revised SAT. With the change to essay writing on the SAT, many students also need more groundwork in writing and grammar skills to achieve the highest possible scores on their exams. Along with these writing and mathematics preparation, we teach test-taking tips and strategies, using previous SAT and ACT test questions for practice.

We also offer tutoring for students in public school who must pass FSA. Test preparation work is one-to-one and emphasizes the areas of the test that most challenge the student, especially for students who have already taken the test.

Diagnostic Testing

Alone or as the first step in an academic program, diagnostic testing pinpoints academic strengths and weaknesses. Using nationally recognized standardized tests (administered individually), we can quickly and accurately assess skill levels and identify any challenges a student may face. Such testing will diagnose any learning disabilities and help determine current achievement levels. You will receive results in a detailed written report.


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