The Achievement Center in Sarasota Florida
  The Achievement Center in Sarasota Florida


Accredited means that a school implements policies and procedures that will assure public acceptance and recognition of its program to the satisfaction of interested third parties who rely on accreditation as a measure of compentency in the field of primary through secondary education programs.

School Choice

The Achievement Center is qualified to accept McKay Scholarship, Gardiner Scholarship, and Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship (formerly Private School Opportunity Scholarship) students. Our personalized approach to learning and low student-to-teacher ratio creates an environment that allows students who earn these scholarships to flourish.

The deadlines for intent filing, private school enrollment, and quarterly payments are set by Florida Statute. For the 2018-19 school year...

If you filed intent by: July 3 Sept. 2 Dec. 3 Jan. 1
Your child must be enrolled by: Aug. 2 Oct. 2 Jan. 2 Mar. 2
For the school to recieve payment on: Sept. 1 Nov. 1 Feb. 1 April 1

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